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New Brighton Fall Festival
New Brighton Fall Festival

Sat, Oct 21


New Brighton

New Brighton Fall Festival

Festival with live music, children’s activities, food, and displays from local vendors.

Time & Location

Oct 21, 2023, 6:00 PM

New Brighton, 3rd Ave, New Brighton, PA, USA

About the event

  1. Date: October 21st Time: Noon to 6:00 pm Location: 3rd Avenue to 8th Street to 13th Street in New Brighton Description: Festival with live music, children’s activities, food, and displays from local vendors.

These are the events listed in the document, along with relevant details where available. If you need more specific information about any of these events, please let me know!

Is there any way to take these events and automatically load them into a wix event calendar?


While I can't directly interact with external platforms or perform actions on them, I can guide you on how you might be able to add these events to a Wix event calendar. Wix allows you to manually add events to your calendar, but for automating the process, you might need to use Wix’s Corvid by Wix platform (for advanced users) or explore third-party integrations.

Here are the general steps to manually add events to a Wix event calendar:

  1. Log in to your Wix account.
  2. Go to your Site Manager.
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  2. Zapier Integration:Zapier is a tool that connects different apps and automates workflows. Check if Wix Events has an integration with Zapier. If it does, you can create a “Zap” to automate adding events to your Wix calendar from another app or a spreadsheet.
  3. Google Calendar Integration:If Wix Events supports Google Calendar integration, you can add events to a Google Calendar and sync it with your Wix event calendar.

Please note that you should review Wix’s documentation, terms of service, and privacy policy, especially if you are considering third-party integrations or custom coding. Additionally, you might want to reach out to Wix Support or a web development professional for further assistance with automation.

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