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What is a Covenant Renewal Service?

Wesleyan Covenant Renewal Service: A Reflection of Faith and Commitment

The Wesleyan Covenant Renewal Service is a cherished tradition in the Methodist Church, deeply ingrained in its liturgical and spiritual practices. What is a Covenant Renewal Service in the Wesleyan tradition? It is a significant ceremony adapted by John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, to renew the Christian believer's covenant with God. This service first took place in London on August 11, 1755, and has since become a pivotal element in Methodist worship​​.

Historical Background

John Wesley, in his documentation, elaborates on the inaugural Covenant Renewal Service, which was attended by 1800 people. Over time, the Wesleyan Covenant Renewal Service evolved, particularly in British Methodism, where it is traditionally held at the start of the New Year, aligning with the Methodist custom of watchnight services​​.

Spiritual Significance

The Wesleyan Covenant Renewal Service is recognized as a distinctive Methodist contribution to Protestant liturgy. This service is not just a ritual but a profound spiritual exercise. It involves hymns, prayers, Scripture lessons, a sermon, and Holy Communion, all geared towards renewing one's commitment to Christ and the Church at the beginning of the year​​.

Modern Adaptations

Over the years, the service has seen various adaptations. In the 1920s, George B. Robson, a Wesleyan Methodist minister, revised the service, emphasizing prayers of adoration, thanksgiving, and confession. These revisions, which also strengthened the connection with Communion and intercession for the wider church and world, were incorporated into the Methodist Service Book (1975) and Methodist Worship Book (1999)​​.

The Covenant Prayer

Central to the service is the covenant prayer, a powerful expression of surrender and dedication to God's will. Despite simplifications over the years, the essence of Wesley's original directions remains. The prayer encapsulates the believer's commitment to serving Christ in various capacities, acknowledging that the strength to do so comes from Christ Himself​​.

Relevance Today

Man reading Bible at Covenant Renewal Service
What is a Covenant Renewal Service?

What is a Covenant Renewal Service in today's context? It remains a vital practice for Methodists and other Christians, symbolizing a fresh start and recommitment to spiritual life. In a rapidly changing world, this service provides a moment of reflection, rededication, and a reaffirmation of one's faith journey.


The Wesleyan Covenant Renewal Service is more than a historical ritual; it is a living tradition that continues to shape the spiritual life of countless believers. It bridges the past and present, inviting Christians to continually renew their commitment to their covenant with God, thus maintaining a vibrant and evolving faith.

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