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All Work Is Difficult (Devotion From The Pastor)

All work is difficult! No matter what occupation a person holds, it tends to carry with it many difficulties. Every job boils down to specific, often tedious and difficult tasks that are not always enjoyable. When people are engaged in these difficult parts of work, it is easy to ask oneself the following questions: Couldn’t I be someplace better? Couldn’t I be making more money doing something else? Does anyone really appreciate what I am doing? Is this work really making a difference in the world? Sometimes the difficulties of work and the questions that follow can become destructive to people. Many people become unfulfilled, cynical, unproductive, and sometimes self-destructive, moving from job to job, unable to find fulfillment.

There was definitely a period of time when I was very much like this in my work life—drifting from job to job, constantly searching for the perfect one, never finding it. Until the day that I came to an essential understanding…that my work is not my calling. My calling is to be a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, and my work is done as a reflection of my calling. Meaning that my life is not driven by or given worth by the work that I do, but by the way that I do it, as a disciple of Christ.

The Apostle Paul says “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God”(1 Corinthians 10:31). Notice that this text does not say "do spiritual things, or even church related activities to God's glory". No, it stresses to do "ALL" things to the honor and glory of God. Our hard work brings God pleasure if we are doing it for God’s glory. Living out our calling as disciples means that no matter what work we find ourselves in, or the difficulties that come with it, we must work to the best of our abilities because it glorifies God, and through this we are given our worth.

Therefore, if we are working for God in all things, we should enjoy the tasks that have been given to us, and the opportunities to bless others, customers and colleagues alike, regardless of the difficulties.

Every day we wake up with a question to ask. Who am I giving glory to today? We can choose to give glory to no one, and go through our daily toil with dread and indifference. Life will seem quite boring. We can decide to give glory to ourselves and show off all our abilities, only to discover that sooner or later we are very lonely and unfulfilled. Or we can give glory to God and start enjoying God's company in everything we do. If this is your choice, before you even realize it, the destructive questions will fade away and you will start to enjoy your work. You will become excited about the possibilities your work offers you. You will find fulfillment in what you have produced, and eventually, the difficulties of work, although still difficult, will become more bearable. Glory be to the Lord our God, Jesus the Christ. Amen.

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This is very well said however I find it personally the challenge to do on a consistent basis. I can tell you however that your 1000% correct. When I do define my work with a higher meaning then subsequently let that understanding guide me in my actions and work relationships wow! It's like the dark cloud has lifted and all that stress is now put in perspective. It hasn't gone away mind you, but all of the heaviness has now been lifted from my shoulders knowing I'm not alone. I feel blessed to have had a friend at work who is a spiritual role model in how to do this. He was always that voice in the room that woke me…


Excellent prayerful thoughts about our employment and profession.


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