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If You Love Me Then... - A Devotional From The Pastor

Love… real love always carries with it commitment. When two people fall in love, they don’t

just go on living the single life looking for other people to date. They become committed

exclusively to each other, followed by engagement and marriage. When a mother or father

loves their child they don’t just let the child raise him or herself, they become totally committed

to working, providing, nurturing, and sacrificing for their child. Love, real love, is unconditional,

but it does carry with it commitment.

In scripture, Jesus doesn’t settle for a superficial shallow love—a love without requirements.

Jesus expects love followed by commitment. Sometimes Jesus requires us to keep the

commandments if we love Him (John 14:15). Other times Jesus requires us to feed His sheep or

serve His people if we love Him (John 21:15). Jesus never asks for the feeling of love, Jesus

requires our love for Him to be defined by our commitment to following His way of life.

The commitment that love requires can be extremely hard, maybe even impossible if the love is

not reciprocated—if the person you love does not love in return. One would probably not be

planning a wedding if one’s future spouse were still dating everyone in the neighborhood. We

would probably feel hurt if our children never bothered to call or visit us in our old age. Love,

real love, is easier if you are being loved.

Our love for Jesus may be demanding and it may hard. It may carry with it requirements and

commitments…but always remember that Jesus was committed to the death for you. His love

for you carried conditions and commitments; all the way to the cross…You have been loved.

Now love in return by living the Jesus way.

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