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Where is Your Treasure? (A message from the Pastor)

For where your treasure is there will your heart be also (Matthew 6: 21)

In the course of our lives it becomes easy for us to allow the secondary issues to consume much of our time, passion and energy. In my own life it is easy for me to spend many of my days in matters that ultimately have little to do with growing in Christ, but deplete me emotionally, physically, and sometimes spiritually. The problem is that, although these secondary issues are in fact secondary, I find spending my days dealing with them to be satisfying and stimulating. These secondary issues have a way of consuming me and leading me to believe that what I am doing is somehow very important. Because the secondary issues make me feel important, they become the central focus of my life—the still immovable point around which everything else turns. I think it is good sometimes to ask ourselves the question: What is our still point around which everything else turns? Is it politics? Is it work? Is it church concerns or disputes? Is it finances? Is it retirement? Is it entertainment? Is it health? Is it success?

Jesus said, "Where our treasure is, there will our heart be also”.

If our hearts are fixated on any of these other things—these things that will disappear in time and die away, then our lives are built upon an unstable foundation. Consequently, the still point in which everything turns, will fail, and leave us depleted. The only foundation that will never shake or fail is God in Jesus. Therefore, the point in which all things must turn for us…must always be Jesus…and the work of growing in Christ. With Jesus at the center, we are equipped with wisdom, strength and passion to deal with the secondary issues properly, while being provided the humility to keep our focus skyward. Glory be to the Lord our God.

Devotion from Pastor Gary, New Brighton UMC

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Good message, stay Christ centered.


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